In Australia, it’s estimated that 45% of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, in one year around 1 million Australian adults have been diagnosed with depression, and 2 million with Anxiety. The numbers are alarming, and only growing. When it comes to Mental Health, i think we over look alternative options, like acupuncture and Chinese medicine. So today, from our wonderful 5th generation Chinese herbalist and senior acupuncturist to you, Here’s how we can help.

**What is Depression? **

Clinical depression is an illness, a medical condition. It significantly affects the way someone feels, causing a persistent lowering of mood.Depression is often accompanied by a range of other physical and psychological symptoms that can interfere with the way a person is able to function in their everyday life.

**What causes Depression and why does Acupuncture work? **

External circumstances beyond your control can set off your anxiety and that acupuncture allows your body to take back control. Imagine your body is a river with water flowing through it. When a tree falls in the middle of the river, it creates havoc at the top and bottom of the river as well. Things like a poor diet, emotional stress, or physical trauma are the equivalent of the tree falling in the river. Acupuncture attempts to remove the tree and restore the normal flow of energy throughout your body. me a better-quality life.”

One TCM theory on anxiety is that a person can have excessive energy, also referred to as heat or energy (qi), in the head. Symptoms of anxiety akin to this idea include insomnia, racing thoughts, and excessive worry. In such a case, the treatment would redistribute the patient’s energy, in order to improve sleep and reduce worry.

Depression, on the other hand, can be described as stagnant energy within the body. This stagnation can create imbalances that lead to symptoms of depression, such as an inability to focus, melancholy, anger, fatigue, and a lack of inspiration. Acupuncture addresses the issue by enabling the energy to move more efficiently, balancing the organ systems and creating homeostasis. The idea is that creating balanced energy better equips a person to manage stress and steady emotions, and enables a more peaceful feeling.

**Treatment Frequency **

Your course of treatment will depend on how your symptoms react to the acupuncture. Someone with an acute injury will need more frequent treatments for a shorter period of time. Whereas someone working on a chronic condition might have their treatments spaced further apart, but can expect to commit to a longer process. At beginning, your treatment plan will be a little more aggressive. You can expect to come in for acupuncture at least once or twice weekly for the first two or three weeks and then every two weeks or once per month.

Don’t forget, it’s usually taken years for our symptoms to manifest in the way they do now. We can’t expect them to disappear in one or two treatments.

In conclusion, If we’re constantly under stress and pressure to perform, which can bring on disease and other serious health issues.Most of us take better care of our cars and bikes than we do ourselves. We’re conditioned to remember to get oil changes every 3,000 miles on our cars and tune-ups on our bikes at the change of every season.But when do we get our own tune-ups?

Acupuncture is great for maintenance. When it comes to trying acupuncture, you have nothing to lose. Below is a link to some evidence based research for acupuncture