An oncology massage is a client-specific, customized massage session using traditional, established massage therapy techniques that have been adapted to account for your unique and changing needs during treatment for cancer or with a history of cancer treatment. A safe massage plan generally revolves around the side effects (both short- and long-term) of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

The changes that might be made to a massage that make it an Oncology Massage can fall under any number of categories, but typically they will be related to session length, pressure, positioning and areas of specific compromise or concern like mediports, bone metastases, compromised lymphatics (lymph nodes removed) or skin reactions to treatment. Subjective evidence suggests that there are many benefits beyond even these that are enjoyed by patients and their caregivers at all stages of the cancer journey.

General Benefits of Oncology Massage ● deep relaxation

● reduced stress

● improved sleep

● eased constipation

● increased alertness and mental clarity

● reduced anxiety

● less nausea

● reduced pain

Following Surgery  ● reduced anxiety in advance of surgery

● easier recovery from anaesthesia

● reduced post-surgical pain

● improved mobility and appearance of surgical scars

● reduced swelling

● improved range of motion

● easier adaptation to implants and expanders

Following Radiation or Chemotherapy ● reduced anxiety in advance of and during treatment

● reduced post-treatment fatigue

● improved appetite

● improved peripheral neuropathy

Oncology massage can only be provided by a massage therapist who has received training in the specifics of cancer and cancer treatment.  This training is more about cancer and less about massage. Chris, our new expert remedial therapist is a certified Oncology Therapist and trained by OML (Oncology Massage Limited) internationally recognized by the Society for Oncology Massage - S4OM. Which exists to support and educate massage therapists, consumers and health professionals about the value and specific considerations and applications of oncology massage. He also holds a Psychology Degree and has 15 years’ experience, 7 of which was spent working within the Brisbane Mater Hospital Oncology and Palliative units. Providing positive effects, from relaxation to scar tissue mobilization such as mastectomy patients to pain reduction, and lymphoedema management.

Chris is available for Appointments from Monday to Friday 9am-7pm.

Chris will be happy to answer any concerns or questions regarding Oncology Massage. Just message us at!