Perfect Potions’ certified organic range of Natural skincare, bath and body care has captured the hearts of many new and old clients since we’ve stocked our shelves. Perfect Potion is always drawing new people in to know and love the brand. From aromatic room sprays to the silky soft lotion, including THE MOST precious “Beautiful Baby” Range –Safe to Say P.P has us totally obsessed! What is the first thing you notice when you walk through our doors? For most people, it’s the smell. Here in the clinic, we burn P.P’s essential oil blend, not just as a pretty smell… When you think of your work place, what words come to mind? ‘Fast-paced’, ‘stressful’, ‘demanding’? Can you imagine a workplace infused with peace, calm and productivity instead? We spend approximately 1,800 hours a year at work, so it’s essential that our time spent in office is as harmonious, fulfilling and as free from negative-stress as possible. Fortunately, with a few simple tweaks you can feel far calmer and more composed during your 9-5. perfect potion logo.JPEG

Boost Your Mood- Happy & Calm

Swap that cheeky afternoon sugar hit for some aroma goodness! The smell of cheerful oranges, calming chamomile and lavender creates feelings of positivity. Frankincense essential oil evokes elevation, relaxation and revitalization.Happy and Calm is the perfect 3pm pick me up to help you move through your afternoon feeling uplifted and naturally joyous.

happy n clam blend.PNG

Remain Calm and Centered - Relax

Soothe stress your stress. Relax Blend features lavender for calmness and ylang ylang to invite in peace and ease irritation.Geranium essential oil is also included to promote feelings of balance. This blend is perfect for helping keep stress at bay in environments filled with long meetings and tight deadlines.

relax blend.PNG

Deepen your Concentration - Focus


Find focus with rosemary essential oil. It’s known for enhancing productivity, mental stimulation and concentration. Lemon essential oil has a spa effect on the mind. It helps remove fatigue and promote clear decision making. Basil, black pepper and peppermint gift clarity, increased alertness and mental invigoration.

Reignite your Enthusiasm Zest_EO_10mL-highres.jpg

Keep your bright ideas flowing. This energizing powerhouse is formulated to awaken your mind, excite your senses and lift your spirits. Lime essential oil refreshes whilst mandarin adds a playful, optimistic and joyful energy.Zest also features sweet orange for creativity, imagination and enthusiasm.*Zest Currently not available in store.

Infuse your work place with Peace, Calm and Productivity for just *$18.95, Available in-store.