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Spa Therapy

Seasonal Body Wrap

Our body wraps are a true spa experience. First is exfoliatation; clearing impurities, and cleaning the skin. Then to rehydrate and add moisture back in with one of our signature seasonal body wraps. Not to mention a cheeky head/neck massage to help you melt the worries away!


Seaside Dream Coconut and Lime Exfoliation | Frangipanni Hydration Body Wrap | Coconut Oil Head and Neck Massage

Sun Worshipper Grapefruit Exfoliation | Aloe Vera Body Wrap | Coconut Oil Head and Neck Massage

Tropical Escape Sweet Mango Exfoliation | Passionfruit & Mango Body Custard Wrap | Coconut Oil Head and Neck Massage

Body Treatments & Packages

Ultimate Unwind Package 3hrs $334 Sugar Exfoliation | Hydration Wrap | Head and Foot Treatment | Full Body Oil Massage | Radiance Facial

Total Relaxation Package 2hrs $170 One hour Full Body Oil Massage plus a one hour Radiance Facial

Mini Me Time Package 1hr $93 30min Relaxation Massage plus a 30min Express Facial

Make Me Over Package 75min $114.90 1 hour Radiance Facial plus Brow Shape and Tint & Lash Tint

Body Treatment

InfraRed Body Wrap

The Infrared Body Wrap reduces the appearance of cellulite and burns calories in under an hour. Lay back and relax as heat activated pads promote the breakdown of fat and cleanse the pores of toxins through perspiration. Recommended on it’s own or before a massage treatment! Purchase a 4 pack for $99 and save $40.

• Increases metabolism for up to 36 hours after your session

• Relieve pain and joint stiffness

• Heat therapy for pain relief/muscle soreness

• Improve immune system

• Targeted cellulite reduction

• Soothes sore and strained muscles

• Increases blood circulation

• Anti-inflammatory for muscle and joint pain

• Burns 600 - 2500 calories per wrap

• Decrease water clusters and improve flow of fluids

• Skin rejuvenation

Book in with one of our receptionists so we can set the wrap up for you!

Infrared Body Wrap